Vigilant Solutions

Starting out as Race Computers in 1997, Vigilant Solutions quickly expanded its focus to encompass high-end website design, software development, network designs, customized solutions and of course, IT support.

Launching on Sydney’s North Shore, Vigilant Solutions has continually strived to incorporate the most advanced IT Technologies available in the 21st century. Thanks to the team from Vigilant Solutions, companies, organizations, and individuals have the capacity to improve their workflow and stimulate productivity.

What we offer

Some of the largest companies on the planet depend on Vigilant Solutions including the Carbon Reduction Institute, Executive Health Management, Eutility and Next Telecom.

Whether you are an online store that wishes to include advanced eCommerce applications into your website or a non-profit organization that wants to improve its online profile, Vigilant Solutions has the expertise to get the job done, and best of all it is very affordable.

Contact Vigilant Solutions today for a no obligation consultation and start building a dynamic web presence that will help you attract new business.

We are Carbon Neutral

The Carbon Reduction Institute has conducted an audit of the greenhouse gas emissions associated Vigilant Solutions’s services.

Vigilant Solutions is a certified Carbon Neutral (NoCO2) Business under certification number NC002 along with their products and services certified Carbon Neutral through certification number CN002.

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The Team


Rob Cawthorne

Managing Director


Marvin Van Stralendorff

Technical Director

Daniel Kostow

IT Systems Engineer / Consultant

Leeksha Devat-Oogorah

IT Support Assistant